2019 PAIU Annual Conference Breakout Workshops

9:00 a.m. – 10:10 a.m.10:30 a.m. – 11:40 a.m.2:00 p.m. – 3:10 p.m.
Mathematical Mindsets
Participants will debate common truths and myths about the brain to discover why having a growth mindset is vitally important in the area of mathematics. We will experience how the brain learns and the critical components needed when designing lesson plans that engage students to question and explore mathematical concepts.

Collaboration Frameworks That Work: Connecting K-12 and Youth Workforce Development
Collaboration between K-12 education systems and youth workforce providers can positively impact youth by joining together to pave a pathway to gainful employment. This workshop will focus on the efforts of the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit, the MontcoWorks NOW WIOA youth provider program and Montgomery County public schools’ strategic efforts to build a pipeline of talent county-wide.

Speed of Trust
“Nothing is as fast as the speed of trust.”  This statement opens Stephen M. R. Covey’s best-selling book, The Speed of Trust, and is also the foundation of the powerful and transformative, FranklinCovey’s 2-day Speed of Trust professional development training.
FranklinCovey Education Senior Consultant, Michael Swenson will facilitate a 70 Minute break-out session that will provide a high-level view of the Speed of Trust content focused on the 13 Trust Behaviors of high-trust people and leaders.  Participants will have the opportunity to learn how to establish, grow, extend and restore trust positively and significantly in every moment of life, and delve into how to build a “trust” account professionally and personally.
Marketing and Communicating to Multiple Generations
Research tells us that today’s workforce is comprised of at least five distinct generations. As IUs develop strategies to communicate with critical stakeholders – including potential customers – we must be aware of the effectiveness of different communications tactics on people of different generations. In this session you will learn about what some IUs are doing to ensure essential messages are being heard by all important audiences.

Communicating and Building Relationships with Your Board
IUs find themselves in a state of continual development and change. Success requires a bit of risk taking and innovation. Board support for their IUs offering new products and services is critical. Building trust and presenting information effectively are key elements in garnering buy-in from the board. This session will discuss practical and effective strategies that IUs can put into practice that will increase trust and result in board support, encouragement, and enthusiasm for taking calculated risk.

E-Colors in Education – Unlock the Full Potential of Your Team
To help leaders unlock the full potential of their teams, E-colors in Education has studied humans – how they think, interact, perform. Through this work, E-Colors in Educations has pinpointed eight characteristics of high performing teams.
In this session, E-Colors in Education CEO Dr. Rosalinda Mercado will discuss how your IU can use this innovative tool to build a strong team compass guided by the organization's mission, and
Enhance team cohesion and discipline.

Creating Your IU Ambassador Academy - How to be an ambassador for your IU?
No one knows the work of your IU better than those doing the work of your IU. In this session, learn how some IUs have taken that simple notion and turned it in to an impactful marketing and communication strategy known as an IU Ambassador Academy.

Care for the Caretaker
Working tirelessly in a selfless professional can often leave us feeling worn down and burnout. Personal wellness is often overlooked as we advance through our careers and grow our families. This session will give you permission to take care of YOU. We will explore the effects of compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma and work through a self-guided action plan that focuses on personal wellness.  Studies show that the better we care for ourselves, the more prepared we are to respond to the demands of our professional careers and home lives.

Building the Capacity to Compete – A Team Approach to RFPs
Grant funding can be a vital source of revenue to support the work of IUs. Responding well to large-scale RFPs can be a significantly organizational undertaking. In this session, IU leaders will share their experiences in implementing a team approach to submitting high quality proposal to competitive grant opportunities.

Show Them What it Takes – What Educators can do to Impact State Policymakers
Too many educators shy away from engaging in the political process for fear of "crossing the line" related to lobbying. This session will provide practical strategies for impacting educational policy at the state level in order to ensure resources and policy designed to improve outcomes for students. In this session, learn some of the basics on how to advocate with state policymakers on issues you work on every day at your IU.

PAIU’s Open Educational Resources (OER) Hub
PA’s Intermediate Units have joined together to create an open repository for educational resources curated in PA.  As the PAIU Open Educational Resource (OER) Hub, resources for all grade levels, subject areas, and all types of students and educators are located in one place, freely accessible, editable and can be evaluated using the seven OER Achieve Rubrics.  In this session, you will see what the PAIU OER Hub looks like, how you can join and learn what updates have happened over the past year.

Intrapreneurial Management through a Matrixed Department Structure
Encouraging risk-taking and creative problem solving are hallmarks of innovative organizations. While easy to embrace, driving and sustaining an innovative mindset can present challenges, particularly in highly regulated industries like K-12 education. Through a non-traditional management structure and an organizational climate of divergent thinking, cross-sector ideas, projects, and implementations can grow and flourish. This session will present the key concepts of intrapreneurship and matrix management as levers for fostering and maintaining the excitement of innovation in your organization. 

Developing Equity in Our Schools

In this session, PaTTAN representatives will collaborate with IU partners to discuss promoting equity in our schools.  The session will explore the process of defining equity.  Best practices and exemplars from Pennsylvania will be shared.  Additionally, resources will be identified as a means of developing actions in each IU region.

Best Practices Showcase:  IUs sharing unique and replicable programs to help serve Pennsylvania schools.
In this session, IU representatives will showcase successful initiatives, workshops, conferences, etc. that are you unique to their IU regions and could be replicated by other IUs to best serve their schools.  This session will be run as “ignite” style presentations with a specified amount of time to share followed by Q&A breakout time.

It’s Here: PSERS Changes Explained
An update on the impact of Act 5 for employers and employees will be presented. Steps to be taken to ensure a smooth transition on 7-1-19 will be reviewed. Changes for work reporting, enrollment and class elections will be reviewed. Updates from PSERS’ Employer Spring workshops will be reviewed.

Act 44, School Safety and IUs
This session will focus on the requirements/expectations for Intermediate Units under Act 44. The PCCD grant process will be reviewed and other potential funding sources for safety improvements will be considered. How Intermediate Units can support implementation of school safety measures in their districts will be reviewed.

Leveraging PAIU’s Aspiring Leaders Program to Enrich IU Staff Development
PAIU’s Aspiring Leaders program offers a year-long set of experiences for newly emerging IU leaders. In this session, learn how some IUs have used staff participation in the Aspiring Leaders program to grow and enrich the IUs’ own staff development strategies.

2018-19 Aspiring Leaders Wrap-up and Debrief
In this session, the members of the 2018-19 Aspiring Leaders cohort will assess their experiences in the program and discuss ways they can continue their personal professional development.