Montgomery County IU 23: Helping Schools Maximize Technology

From the smallest to the largest, most Pennsylvania school districts struggle with the same questions about technology. Each wants to spend precious funding on the best and most effective educational tools for students and staff, but administrators often lack the technology background needed to judge whether they're being sold a quality product or a bill of goods.
This is where Montgomery County Intermediate Unit 23 steps in. Since 2007, IU 23's team of veteran technology and education experts performs Technology Program Evaluations that offer an objective look at overall technology programs in districts and schools. The audits recommend improvements in professional development, technology infrastructure, policies and procedures, technology integration, vision and leadership, funding options, and technology staffing.
"We help districts develop a clear vision and long-term strategic technology plan," says Gail Kennedy, IU 23 Technology Services director. "This way, schools allocate the right resources to technology. They're confident that they're not overspending or underspending, and they're purchasing the most effective educational resources available."
Each assessment begins when the IU 23 team works with school or district administrators on the questions guiding the process. The team reviews plans, budgets, and policies. On-site visits and interviews with teachers, students, school directors, and other interested parties yield insights. Administrators receive a final, written report within a month.

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