Central IU 10: Arts-in-Education program reinforces studies

How can students enhance their understanding and reinforce their knowledge of the life cycle of butterflies? By painting a mural. How do they practice and apply their writing skills? By writing and presenting puppet plays about real and imagined sea creatures. How do they learn more about Native American culture? By studying, and engaging in, Native American storytelling.

Since the 1970s, Central IU # 10 has been a statewide leader in supporting the arts in schools. In partnership with the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (PCA), its Galaxy Arts-in-Education program connects schools, incarcerated youth programs, senior centers, and other community organizations with professional artists who "visit" for a day to present classroom-based lessons, perform for larger audiences, or plan with schools to conduct multiple-day residencies that are tailored to the curriculum and engage students in the creative process over time.

Artist residencies in the schools would not be possible without PCA grant funding. The artists can take students down creative paths to reinforce their academic studies, or they might introduce new art forms - papermaking, screen printing, or mosaic murals - to students in all grades.

Recently, Michele Randall, an artist with Galaxy, taught students how to paint abstracts and sceneries using different textures, layering, shading, and mixed media. Michele spent time with students in the Clearfield, Centre, and Clinton County correctional facilities, including the detention center. The students enjoyed the opportunity and are extremely proud of their creations.

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