Northeastern Educational IU 19: Cost-effective Cyber Schooling Connects Variety of Students to Their Schools

 Students contemplating online learning often ask the same question: Will I get to graduate with my friends?

Through Northeastern Educational Intermediate Unit 19’s VLINC (Virtually Linking Instruction and Curriculum) cyber services program, the answer is yes. Districts, families, and students choose online learning for a range of reasons, including alternative education, credit recovery, gifted learning, tutoring, and the ability to customize the learning pace. VLINC is the comprehensive cyber-services program that allows students to reach their learning goals through cyber education while staying connected to their home schools.

Through VLINC, districts can broaden their course offerings. One district, for instance, provided physics instruction for about five students without the expense of hiring a teacher. Curriculum matches district standards, and schools can do real-time tracking of progress and participation by students learning at home or in other outside settings. All classes are conducted by highly qualified, certified teachers, trained in communicating electronically and based in NEIU 19’s member districts. 

VLINC students remain enrolled in their home districts, participating in activities, clubs, and sports, and accessing all the services their classmates receive, such as counseling and post-graduation planning. One student remained enrolled in his home district even while he trained and traveled the world as a competitive BMX racer.

NEIU 19 Instructional Technology Specialist Dr. Christy Savakinas calls VLINC “a quality program, but cost-effective to districts. It’s another option for students with scheduling conflicts, gifted students, those who want a course that’s not offered, and many others. It’s opening a lot of opportunities for students that wouldn’t have them otherwise because they come from small rural districts.”

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