Bucks County IU 22: Creating Long-lasting Cyber-school Initiatives

Around Pennsylvania, school districts are embracing 21st-century learning with cost-effective, locally based online learning. The Bucks County IU 22 has partnered with cyber-schooling pioneer Quakertown Community School District to create Bridges Virtual Education Services, a cyber-school consortium that helps districts build long-term viability into new or existing online initiatives.

Bridges Virtual instills three elements that create strong, lasting, and flexible cyber programs: Bridges Virtual gives every member district the agility to create an appropriate solution for each student seeking cyber schooling, no matter the reason. Some student-athletes compete nationally, as equestrian team members or Irish dancers. Other cyber students hold jobs to support their struggling families. Bridges Virtual provides a high-quality education and helps them all stay in school.

“School districts never know when that phone call is going to come, and they need to have a plan in place to respond to student needs,” says Dinan. 

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