Midwestern IU IV: Guiding Students Through Graduation Projects

Throughout Pennsylvania, public high school students in the Class of 2017 will be required to show academic proficiency in order to graduate. Students who can’t pass their Keystone Exams can show proficiency by completing projects, and their school districts are required to provide Keystone Project Based Assessments (PBA) to help them through the experience.

MIU IV responded to the universal need for administrative support by creating the new Keystone Project Based Assessment Service, to ease the minds and workloads of school district officials statewide.

Under the service, school districts provide an internet-connected place for students to work, monitored by a teacher or other administrator, and MIU IV does the rest. MIU IV supplies the state-mandated project tutor, properly certificated for each of the Keystone testing areas known as modules. The tutors shoulder a wide range of duties, including tracking students’ progress, validating that project pieces fit Pennsylvania Department of Education guidelines, and submitting students’ work to PDE. In the summer, MIU IV also provides the site and monitor.

“Communication is the key to everything, and in addition to being properly certificated, all tutors will be expert communicators,” said MIU IV Executive Director Dr. Wayde Killmeyer. “Whether interacting with students, parents, or a district assessment coordinator, the tutor is the go-to person for information on how students are progressing toward completion of a Keystone Project Module.”

To assure success, MIU IV pledges to keep a low student-tutor ratio, never higher than 20-1.
The MIU IV Keystone PBA service is available statewide. For information, contact Dr. Cathleen Cubelic, 724-458-6700 ext. 1227.

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