Riverview IU 6: Integrating Technology into Every Aspect of Education

Technology has proven its worth in classrooms, linking students to a world of resources. Now, educators are delving deeper, turning to technology for targeted solutions that make every aspect of learning and teaching more engaging and efficient.

Riverview Intermediate Unit 6 is accelerating that process for educators with an innovative Education Leadership Conference, focused on STEM learning and stressing partnerships that help school districts leverage their resources. The exposure to new concepts and potential partners will help educators find technology-based solutions for everything from assessing student progress to regaining the instructional time often lost in the final five minutes of class, and from cyber safety to teaching math and science through hockey.

The June 2015, one-day conference helps western Pennsylvania educators get affordable, accessible training in integrating technology into every corner of education. Intensive sessions offer strands for K-12 teachers, administrators, technology directors, college and graduate education students, and educators in tutoring and home schooling.

Riverview IU 6 partnered with an array of organizations to enrich the agenda. Presenters and sponsors include Central IU 10, Tuscarora IU 11, ARIN IU 28, Clarion University of Pennsylvania, Grove City College, Penn State Extension, Milton Hershey School, and Girls Excelling in Math and Science, or GEMS. Through highly regarded keynote speaker Tom Murray, state and district digital learning director for the Alliance for Educational Excellence, attendees learn about the scope and possibilities of technology integration in education.

Every session is designed with practical ends in mind, allowing all attendees to take new efficiencies back to their classrooms and offices. Even teachers not typically associated with STEM learning, such as English teachers or those in the arts, will learn how to capture technology for student achievement.

“These sessions are good for just about anybody who wants to learn about technology integration,” says Tina Gibbs, IU 6 communications and operations manager. “It’s truly aimed at integrating these techniques and resources into every classroom.”

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