Spotlights on IUs

Listed below are the Spotlight articles about Pennsylvania Intermediate Units.

Intermediate Unit 1: After-School Program Boosts Academics for School Improvement

Intermediate Unit 1: Building Online Learning Options for 21st-century Students

Intermediate Unit 1: Introducing Children to New Experiences

Intermediate Unit 1: Inventor Students Break Through Emotional Barriers

Allegheny Intermediate Unit: Taking the Initiative with Early Intervention

Allegheny Intermediate Unit: Promoting Math Understanding

Allegheny Intermediate Unit: Students Learn Job Skills While Serving Tasty Food

Allegheny Intermediate Unit: Showcasing the possibilities in STEAM learning

Midwestern IU IV: Guiding Students Through Graduation Projects

Midwestern IU IV: Early Intervention Makes the Right Connections

Midwestern IU IV: Homeless students focus on learning

Northwest Tri-County IU 5: STEM Boosts Literacy Skills Among Children of Migrants

Northwest Tri-County IU 5: Bridging to Success

Northwest Tri-County IU 5: Tying STEM learning to academic standards

Riverview IU 6: Integrating Technology into Every Aspect of Education

Riverview IU 6: Early Intervention Prizes Relationships

Riverview IU 6: Help for Hearing Loss Boosts Academics

Riverview IU 6: Conference Brings Education Technology to Teachers

Westmoreland IU 7: Early Intervention Kids Grow by leaps and bounds

Westmoreland IU 7: Cyber learning flexes to meet the needs of school districts

Appalachia IU 8: Building Skilled ESL teachers

Appalachia IU 8: Cost-effective Americorps Service Boosts Academic Achievement

Seneca Highlands IU 9: Maintaining Academic Progress During Mental Health Treatment

Seneca Highlands IU 9: Developing in Phases

Seneca Highlands IU 9: Summer STEM Academy engages the brain

Central IU 10: Arts-in-Education program reinforces studies

Central IU 10: Early Intervention Services Follow the Children

Tuscarora IU 11: Bridging the Social Media Divide Between Parents and Children

Tuscarora IU 11: STEM Kits and Camps Spark Imaginative Designs

Tuscarora IU 11: Safe Schools Initiative Connects Districts to Trusted Security Providers

Lincoln IU 12: Saving Millions on Customized Health Plans

Lincoln IU 12: School Readiness Through Early Intervention

Lincoln IU 12: Student designs take life through 3D printing

Lincoln IU 12: Collaborative expands career options for students with disabilities

Lancaster-Lebanon IU 13: Hybrid Learning Initiative Blends Online and Classroom Learning

Lancaster-Lebanon IU 13: Just-in-time Delivery of Supplies Saves Real Money

Lancaster-Lebanon IU 13: Customizing Early Intervention for Children and Families

Lancaster-Lebanon IU 13: A supportive place for refugees and the community

Berks County IU 14: Setting high standards in the search for child care

Berks County IU 14: Early Intervention does What Is Best for the Kids

Berks County IU 14: Integrating career education and academics

Capital Area IU 15: Better Behavior Interventions Through Video Technology

Capital Area IU 15: Online Therapy Delivers Services Across The Miles

Capital Area IU 15: Tailoring Early Intervention to the Needs of Each Child

Capital Area IU 15: 'Bear hunt' provides practice for communications technology

Central Susquehanna IU 16: In-depth Training for Future LPNs

Central Susquehanna IU 16: Finding What Is Best for Kids

Central Susquehanna IU 16: Helping disengaged young adults say YES to the Future

Central Susquehanna IU 16: Apprenticeships Position CNAs for Success

Central Susquehanna IU 16: Center for Safe Schools Instills School Climate and Safety

Central Susquehanna IU 16: Social-emotional learning for school safety, academic progress

BLaST IU 17: A Focus on Learning

BLaST IU 17: Ready to work in the community, through EXPLORE Program

BLaST IU 17: Homebound Students Get a Virtual Presence in Classroom

Luzerne IU 18: Multi-sensory Approach Enhances Learning for Children with Autism

Luzerne IU 18: Building Unbreakable Bonds

Luzerne IU 18: Practical STEM learning for teachers

Northeastern Educational IU 19: NOLA 19 Consortium Delivers Individual Digital Learning to Students

Northeastern Educational IU 19: iCreate enhances STEM teaching

Colonial IU 20: Helping school support staff "educate the whole child

Colonial IU 20: Myth-busting Video Shows the Care in Alternative Education

Colonial IU 20: Achieving Independence

Colonial IU 20: Viewing behaviors through a trauma lens

Carbon Lehigh IU 21: Preparing Children to Enter School with Confidence

Carbon Lehigh IU 21: Accessible online professional development

Carbon Lehigh IU 21: Community-school networks assure safe schools and healthy students

Carbon Lehigh IU 21: Academics and career choices for adjudicated youth

Carbon Lehigh IU 21: A Football Dream Forged in Sign Language

Bucks County IU 22: Labor-Management Consortium Saves on Health Care Costs

Bucks County IU 22: Creating Long-lasting Cyber-school Initiatives

Bucks County IU 22: Early Intervention as Stairway to Learning

Bucks County IU 22: Customized Brain Injury Program Guides Students Back to Schooling

Montgomery County IU 23: Helping Schools Maximize Technology

Montgomery County IU 23: Countywide Self-Insured Prescription Drug Program Saves $19 Million

Montgomery County IU 23: Never say Never

Montgomery County IU 23: Fun, learning, and leadership for nonpublic students

Chester County IU 24: Coffee Shop is a Bridge to the Working World

Chester County IU 24: Bright ideas blossom in community-oriented makerspace

Chester County IU 24: From ABCs to Wi-Fi: CCIU's Preschool Online Program

Chester County IU 24: Perfect Attendant Allows Homebound Students to Engage with Their Peers

Delaware County IU 25: Computer Science for All

Delaware County IU 25: Partnership Opens Doors to Careers in Apple Servicing and Software

Beaver Valley IU 27: Garden grows with life lessons for special-needs students

Beaver Valley IU 27: Early Intervention is Warm and Welcoming

Beaver Valley IU 27: Paving the way for careers in manufacturing

ARIN IU 28: Ensuring Education Services for Homeless Children and Youth

ARIN IU 28: Innovating in Early Intervention

ARIN IU 28: Building a Communications Foundation for Students with Autism

Schuylkill IU 29: Improving Behaviors to Focus on Academic Progress

Schuylkill IU 29: Planting the Seeds of Interest in STEM Fields

Schuylkill IU 29: Slow and Steady Progress

Schuylkill IU 29: Woody's Restaurant opens doors to hospitality careers

Schuylkill IU 29: Team Effort Expands a Student's Horizons