9:00 a.m. – 10:10 a.m. 

 10:30 a.m. – 11:40 a.m.  2:00 p.m. – 3:10 p.m.

Next Steps in OER

Since 2015, school districts across Pennsylvania have been taking on Open Educational Resources implementations in a wide variety of ways. This grassroots movement to empower educators to enhance their instruction by curating and developing culturally relevant and engaging materials is setting an example for states all across the country.

In this session, you will learn about different OER implementations, how they have positively impacted student performance, and how they are helping districts to rethink the ways in which they utilize their funds.

Becky Henderson, WIU7
Tracy Rains, Appalachia IU 8

Self-care = Resilience 

Now more than ever we need to focus on ourselves. We need to have a deep understanding of our own adverse childhood experiences (ACES), triggers and stressors. In this training, we will look at ways to identify when we are stressed and/or triggered and learn techniques for self-care that will assist in building our resiliency.

This interactive presentation will ask you to take a deep look at your own self-care strategies and how you use them to become more resilient. Sharing with others will inspire us to discover more pathways to create resilience.

Kory Kutzler, Colonial IU 20

Rebuild with Kindness

Join us as we explore how self-care and kindness are fundamental tools for your ability to thrive and recharge.

In this interactive session, we will look at ten areas in your life and set realistic actions to boost your energy and impact.

Allison Clarke

Compliance Means Doing the Right Thing

As IUs across the state respond to the growing demand for mental health services, it is important that we be well-versed in the mental health legal compliance issues and the requirements for confidentiality.

In this session, we will provide an overview of the critical compliance issues with respect to clients and to the “big picture” of public health/well-being.

Jason Savanelli, CLIU 21

PAIU and Pennsylvania PBS: A New Partnership with an Old Friend Feeling

Even though the delivery methods are different, IUs and Pennsylvania PBS focus on providing educational and social-emotional supports to students, families, and schools. What started as a few local partnerships grew to a statewide network of aligning and sharing resources in less than a year. This session will provide an overview of the partnership timeline, organizational structure, and evolving mutual benefits. A brief discussion of Learning at Home, offline learning projects, datacasting, and teacher professional learning options will be included.

Sue Voigt, CAIU 15 
Stephanie Williams, Northeastern Educational IU 19
Kelsi Wilcox Boyles, Riverview IU 6
Cari Kozicki, WLVT

The Fred Rogers Center’s Simple Interactions Program

In this breakout session, Dr. Dana Winters will do a deep dive into the Fred Rogers Center’s Simple Interactions program.

Learn more about this practice-based, strengths-focused, and community-driven approach to support helpers who serve children, youth, and families.

Dr. Dana Winters
St. Vincent College & The Fred Rogers Center

Datacasting: Leveraging Existing Technology for New Learning Options

Students without broadband?

Teaching incarcerated youth and adults who don't have internet access?

Join us to see Options for Educational Equity. Learn and see a demo of how high-quality, rich, digital content that can be "datacasted" using existing TV airwaves is an equitable educational resource for your students and families who do not have internet access outside of school.

Lauren Beal, Lancaster-Lebanon IU 13
Ben Smith, LIU 12
Jigar Patel, Tuscarora IU 11
Cari Kozicki, WLVT

Freedom from Email: Freedom to Work

Email plagues every professional from 8 to 5 and sometimes beyond. Some accept this as fact, some are looking for a solution. Drawing on inspiration from Marie Kondo, Scott Sonenshein, and James Clear, this session will navigate the professional and often burdensome relationship with email.

Join two professionals as they experiment to find ways to minimize email clutter and find joy and enhanced productivity at work!

Carissa Noel, Berks IU 14
Dr. Andy Gavalis, Schuylkill IU 29

Accounting Rule Changes Regarding Leases

Changes are coming to the Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB) No. 87 – Leases. This new accounting standard is scheduled to go into effect 6/30/2022, barring any additional delays.

Led by CPAs from Maher Duessel, this session will provide an overview of what the new requirements are and allow for discussion about what preparations need to be made to comply.

Robert Belicose, Jr., CPA 
Amy Lewis, CPA
Maher Duessel

The Language of Appreciation in the Workplace

Based on Gary Chapman and Paul White’s book, The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, there are different ways to communicate appreciation and encouragement to employees and one way will not work for every employee. An individual will value a certain appreciation language/method more than another.

Rebecca Roberts‑Malamis​, Bucks IU

The Growth and Impact of STEM Ecosystems Across Pennsylvania

IUs have been a driving force in creating formal STEM Ecosystems throughout Pennsylvania. In this session, a panel of IU and Ecosystem leaders will provide an opportunity to learn about how these Ecosystems were built, and how schools and communities are benefiting from their existence.

Janel Vancas, Appalachia IU 8
Stephanie Schwab, MCIU 23
Alexandra Konsur-Grushinski, Northeastern Educational IU 19
Rick Mackrell, Luzerne County IU 18
Tyler Samstag, AIU3
Amanda Smith, Director of K12 Engagement, Penn State University
Betsy Payne, Manager, Philadelphia STEM Ecosystem

Mitigating Burnout from Digital Learning

The pandemic has seen the introduction of a wide range of technology tools to the classroom environment for in-person and remote instruction. While these are great tools, staff and students can also become burned out from their usages. Participants will learn to identify signs of technology burnout and strategies to counter the effects.

Scott Ringkamp, BLaST IU 17

Appreciative Leadership/Appreciate Leadership Coaching

It goes without saying that we have been met with many challenges during this past school. Administrative teams are trying to be strategic and continue to move their organizational ship forward. What better way to embrace systems change than through the lens of AI?

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a discovery process premised on the principle that human systems grow in the direction of what they most rigorously, frequently, and creatively ask questions about. In this session we will explore what it means to be resilient personally and professionally as leaders of learning. Building healthy more caring communities of learners and leaders!

Tanya Morret, Lincoln IU 12
Charles Trovato, Lincoln IU 12

Flight 93 National Memorial as a Professional Development Classroom

The Flight 93 National Memorial Learning Center and Park is a classroom where teachers, students, park rangers and volunteers explore the story of Flight 93 and September 11.

In this session, you will hear from National Memorial Superintendent Stephen Clark who will share professional development programs now available for educators and the story of Flight 93.

Superintendent Stephen Clark
U.S. National Park Service

2019-20 Aspiring Leaders: Wrap-up and Debrief

In this session, the members of the 2019-2020 Aspiring Leaders cohort will assess their experiences in the program and discuss ways they can continue their personal professional development. (Note: this session is for the 2019-2020 cohort, the New 2022-2023 cohort will meet on Wednesday, 6/1)

Practice Presence: Balance Life Work and Everything in Between

Please join Dr. Lisa J. Lucas, author of Practicing Presence: Simple Self-Care Strategies for Teachers, who will share evidence-based research strategies to examine how a well-trained mind can support a culture of engaged students and educators.

If we want a culture of kindness, it is essential to cultivate our own healthy habits and routines so that we can connect more authentically with our students, collaborate more mindfully with our colleagues, and manage our stress more effectively.

Dr. Lisa Lucas

Fierce Conversations: Foundations

Conversations provide clarity or confusion. Invite cross-boundary collaboration and cooperation, or add concertina wire to the walls between well-defined fiefdoms. Inspire us to tackle our toughest challenges or stop us dead in our tracks wondering why we bothered trying in the first place. Careers and organizations succeed or fail, one conversation at a time.

Fierce transforms conversations to provide productivity and accountability, while developing leadership skills that lead to a better you and better outcomes for your school or organization. In this session, you will learn how to transform your conversations where you show up authentically, interrogate reality, provoke learning, tackle tough challenges and enrich relationships along the way.

Jennifer Anderson, Appalachia IU 8


IU Insurance Symposium: What Coverages IUs Really Need

In this session, hear from IU Business Managers and representatives of AJ Gallagher Insurance about the kinds of insurance coverage IUs should carry and best practices for managing risk at your IU.

Robert Zedreck, Area VP
Arthur J. Gallagher

Leveraging Technology Lessons from COVID to Hybridize Future Events

The COVID pandemic quickly elevated the importance of technological tools to boost interactions while apart. From streaming board meetings, distance professional development, telehealth, hybrid learning, Zoom interviews and more, IUs quickly rose to the challenge. While we may be gathering together more, all of these technological tools are here to stay. Come to this session to learn about tech innovations used by IUs and how to keep advancing engagements within your IU and external audiences in a post-COVID world.

Jared Mader, Lincoln IU 12
Ben Smith, Lincoln IU 12


Mitigating Burnout from Digital Learning

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