Wednesday Keynote: "Putting Down What You Are Carrying... & Preparing For The Tasks At Hand!"

Dr. Adolph Brown, III

President & CEO

Business & Education Leadership Authority

Our personal troubles, private challenges and societal crises beyond our control can become baggage over time, and we risk dumping it onto others. Unresolved issues due to the disruption of the pandemic, unforeseen setbacks, societal unrest, neglected relationships and other life challenges may lead to unhealthy behaviors that mask underlying issues. Join Dr. Brown on this remarkable journey of "letting it go and emptying it out."

Dr. Adolph Brown, III is the President & CEO of the Business & Education Leadership Authority of Virginia Beach, VA. He is an American urban and rural school educator, author, research-scientist, businessman and professional speaker. He is a servant-leader at heart, a passionate teacher educator and a lifelong social justice advocate. He is admired for his simple and direct “Real Talk,” and powerful, timeless teaching that is relatable, entertaining and fun, yet challenging.

As a much sought-after and highly effective Equity and Diversity speaker, Dr. Brown skillfully addresses the impact of stereotypes. He credits much of his success to the luxury of humble beginnings of being reared by a single parent mother in abject poverty of the inner city housing projects and spending summers in farming country with his grandfather. Dr. Brown inspires all to be the very best they can be -  visit www.docspeaks.com to learn more.

Friday Closing Keynote: "The Power of Kindness Through Your Words"

Allison Clarke, CSP


Allison Clarke Consulting

7 Seconds that Change Your Life: Communication & Listening Skills

Can you step out from behind your emails, and texts and deliver a face-to-face, short, compelling message with passion and clarity?

We know that first impressions are made in the blink of an eye. The ability to capture and keep individual’s and groups’ attention will ensure you gain more buy-in, generate better results, and forge stronger relationships with everyone you encounter. In this session, topics include:

  • Increase your confidence in delivering your message.
  • Learn how kindness can foster more productive work environments where people feel honored and seen. 
  • Be more aware of what your body language is saying and manage it.
  • Learn how to maximize your human side for accelerated business results.
  • Listen to connect and build trust. 
  • Sincere connections that lead to more satisfying relationships, more consistent recognition and authentic appreciation.

Allison Clarke is an expert in leadership and influence who brings over 20 years experience in corporate training. She believes no change can happen without the right attitude, a strong vision and effective coaching. She’s helped thousands around the world break through barriers to get results that improve their productivity and profitability.

As a “Top 25 Master Trainer” for Dale Carnegie, Allison isn’t afraid to challenge and scare herself in setting ambitious goals, such as completing the Tough Mudder, running a marathon, traveling internationally, sky diving and being the best mother possible to two teenage girls. Each of these provide valuable experience in breaking the habits that hold us back from doing what we truly want with our lives.

To learn the lessons of leadership, Allison studied what it really means to leave a memorable impact on others.  Her attendance at 30 funerals in 60 days and realization that the dead speak volumes through the lives they’ve touched was the inspiration for her book titled: “What Will They Say?”  Her latest book is titled "The Kindness Habit: 5 Steps to Maximize Your Happiness & Impact"

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