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Safe & Healthy Students

Today more than ever we understand the importance of creating safe and healthy environments for students to learn. That work begins with supporting the behavioral, emotional and mental health needs of individual students. IUs support students and schools by delivering a range of services including:

  • School-based Outpatient Clinics offer individual, group or family therapy and psychiatric services
  • Alternative Education Programs address disruptive behaviors so that students can safely return to their regular classrooms
  • Partial Hospitalization Programs provide students with access to intensive mental health therapy and ongoing school instruction
  • Interagency Collaboration with state and local social service agencies to address the complex social and mental health needs of students
  • Student Assistance Programs for students with substance abuse problems
  • Psychological Evaluations conducted by IU mental health professionals to determine needed services for students

School Safety

IUs also work closely with school leaders to implement systems designed to prevent threats at schools and to respond well when incidents do occur. These efforts include:

  • All Hazards Planning evaluates and performs risk assessments on both potential and actual hazards in a school environment and develops plans to address them.
  • Crisis Response Teams comprised of counselors, psychologists and specially trained educators who provide services to students when events do occur.
  • Cyber Security Training and tools to monitor and respond to threats made via the Internet, social media or other computer generated methods to keep students safe.
  • Law Enforcement Partnerships are forged with local police departments, state police, county children and youth agencies and district attorneys’ offices to manage and prevent security risks and thwart threats.

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